Terms and Conditions

The overall project “caravaning design award: innovations for new mobility” consists of a contest, a special exhibition, and relevant public relations work. The “caravaning design award: innovations for new mobility” is put out to tender and presented by the Messe Düsseldorf GmbH. red dot GmbH & Co. KG (henceforth referred to as “promoter”) will be responsible for concept and organisation. The Messe Düsseldorf (henceforth referred to as “organiser”) will be contract partner for all participating individuals and companies (henceforth referred to as “participants”) for the fields: contest, special exhibition, and relevant public relations work. The event will take place at the Messe Düsseldorf. Partial presentations may also take place at other locations, both domestic and abroad.

Only applications submitted promptly and correctly will be admitted to the competition. The registration form must be received by the organiser by the closing date. Images and texts submitted by the entrant will not be returned. One copy of the registration form is to be attached to the object; the other is to be sent separately by postal mail to red dot GmbH & Co. KG. Eligible for participation are all exhibitors of the CARAVAN SALON DÜSSELDORF 2012 with their relevant products (henceforth referred to as “objects”) manufactured in industrial series production. Prerequisite for the admission is that the market launch of the object will have taken place by 24 August in the year of contest, and that it does not date back more than two years. One individual or company can submit any number of exhibits. All participants will receive a registration confirmation by e-mail.

Registration deadline is 15 June 2012.

Registration and participation in the “caravaning design award: innovations for new mobility” is free of charge for exhibitors of the CARAVAN SALON. Receipt of an award is simultaneously connected with the presentation at an exhibition during the CARAVAN SALON 2012, which is also free of charge for exhibitors at the CARAVAN SALON. The exhibition can take place in the form of a photo exhibition or with original exhibits. The organiser will inform the winners about the projected form in due time.

The participant vouches that the objects submitted by him for registration are free from third party rights. Objects violating property rights (trademarks, utility models, patents, or the like) are not eligible for participation and are not to be registered. Every participant has to inform the organiser of any pending court proceedings (competition law, patent law, trademark law, or copyright law disputes related to the registered object). The same applies to corresponding extrajudicial disputes. The participant is solely liable for any damages, particularly third party claims resulting from violation of these conditions, and shall indemnify the organiser and the promoter from any and all third party claims.

The costs for delivery and pick-up/collection of the submitted objects are paid for by the participant. The products/exhibits travel at the risk and cost of the participant. The objects have to be collected by the participant by 9 July 2012. Objects delivered by postal mail will be returned the same way by the organiser at the participant’s cost after that. The participant indemnifies the organiser from any liabilities in this case as well. Participants failing to pick up/collect their objects by 9 July 2012 will have their objects shipped at their own expense and risk by a haulage contractor appointed by the organiser. The organiser is not liable for the assembly of objects delivered in parts. The same applies to the disassembly required for the collection of the object. The organiser is not liable for loss or damage of objects unless it can be proven that the organiser, his legal representatives, or accomplices have acted grossly wilful or negligent in any particular case. Packaging of the award-winning objects will not be stored. It is the participant’s responsibility to take out all relevant insurances relating to the object.

If objects can be used or will be exhibited/presented in operation they have to meet all legal and trade association rules, in particular all accident prevention regulations, and they have to be equipped with all protection safeguards required. The participant is solely liable for any damages resulting from objects displayed. The participant shall indemnify the organiser from any third party damage claims, unless the damage has been caused with wilful intent or gross negligence by the organiser, his legal representatives, or his accomplices.

The selection takes place on the premises (owned or rented) of the organiser. The selection is not open to the public. The organiser commits himself to present all valid registrations to the jurors. As a matter of principle, the organiser will not give any reasons for not awarding objects. The jury decides, on the basis of the submitted objects, which ones will receive a design award. Aside from the object, the participant submits a description (in German and English), in particular of the relevant innovations, as an additional judgment basis for selection. The organiser commits himself to inform the participant of the selection results. The jury’s decision is binding for all participants and is not subject to review.

Registered products in the categories “Caravans“ or “Motorhomes and basic vehicles” automatically participate in the “caravaning design award: the public choice” and will be presented to the general public via an online voting platform. If the submitted object receives a design award (including the “caravaning design award: the public choice”) the participant or the manufacturing company and the responsible developer (designer or engineer) are granted the right to use this award in connection with the object. The award in form of the label can be used by the participant and all other involved parties only in connection with the award-winning object. This rule does not affect retrospective portrayals. The award loses its validity if the object is altered (e.g. due to product maintenance or product development). All details of object identification and addresses are taken by the organiser from the registration form submitted by the participant. The organiser is not liable for incorrect or wrong details; the participant is fully responsible for the correctness of details submitted. The organiser determines appearance and presentation of the label at his own discretion and reserves the right to adjust and/or change the label completely or in part after the exhibition. The participant is obliged to only use the valid label version at any one time. The participant has to also impose this obligation on all third parties (e.g. manufacturers and distributors) who may use the label on his behalf in advertising. It is the sole responsibility of the participant or the manufacturing company to examine compatibility of the award with third party or foreign rights. The organiser cannot be made liable in this case. Rather, the participant or the manufacturing company will indemnify the organiser from any claims resulting from infringement of third party rights, in particular brand rights.

If the jury will select the submitted object for an award the organiser will exhibit either the original object or the object in photographic form from 24 August to 2 September 2012 at the CARAVAN SALON DÜSSELDORF. The decision on the form of the exhibition and the overall design of the exhibition are at the discretion of the organiser and his concept. If the design concept provides for the presentation of the original products the organiser will request them again in the run-up to the special exhibition. Award-winning objects will be presented at the exhibition and labelled according to the registration form. The participant places text proposals and images ready for publication at the organiser’s disposal. The participant holds the organiser free from any royalty payments. The exhibition of an object for advertising purposes is impossible.

At press conferences about the CARAVAN SALON 2012 the organiser will especially highlight the contest “caravaning design award”. The participant grants the organiser the non-exclusive right to use the contributions placed at his disposal (photos, texts and illustrations) free of charge, throughout the universe in perpetuity, in any and all media now known or hereafter devised, without the organiser being obligated to specify the authors of the contributions by name. As far as third parties, who have participated in the development and manufacture, have the right to use the submitted contributions, the participant confers these rights to the organiser as well, and he independently guarantees that this transfer of rights is effective for all types of use. If the transfer of rights fails the participant will be responsible with regard to the guarantee. The participant indemnifies the organiser from any royalty payments as well as from any claims of third parties, irrespective of the legal basis. The right of use applies to all types of use not only in connection with the “caravaning design award”. Should the authors nevertheless raise any claims towards the organiser, the participant will indemnify the organiser from these claims. The organiser is entitled to use the illustration material free of charge also for other PR activities like publications or articles in magazines etc. After the end of the calendar year the participant may order a copy of the complete list of press reviews against reimbursement of costs.

Provided the participant is a merchant, legal person subject to public law or special public law fund, the place of jurisdiction is Düsseldorf (as far as this is legally permissible).

German law applies to the exclusion of the conflict of laws rules of international private law and the use of UN sales law, in particular the ROM-I-Regulation.