Awarded with the „caravaning design award: best interieur design“ and „caravaning design award: best practice“:

For the second time, the special prize “caravaning design award: best interior design” was awarded. The title honours the interior design and highlights its growing importance in the industry.

Awarded with the „caravaning design award: best practice“:

Products which are awarded the “caravaning design award: best practice”, impress with outstanding design achievements that set new standards in both form and function within their industry.

Awarded with the „caravaning design award: the public choice“:

In 2012, the public prize “caravaning design award: the public choice” was awarded for the first time. Via an online voting system, the public was invited to select their favourites in the categories “Caravans” as well as “Motorhomes and basic vehicles” from 16 July until 17 August 2012. 38,160 votes were cast. The following remarkable designs won over the public and were awarded this newly introduced title of honour.