The competition categories

1. Caravans

2. Motorhomes and basic vehicles
Camper vans, alcoves, semi-integrated, fully integrated, vans, box vans, chassis, pick-ups, off-road vehicles/towing vehicles, etc.

3. Interior design
Complete interiors or sub-category: kitchen, sleeping, living, wet room/bathroom, other

4. Interior products and fixtures
Furniture, household appliances, sanitation, bathroom equipment, bathroom accessories, lamps and lights, lighting systems, carpets and floor coverings, etc.

5. Caravaning products
Installations, power supplies, antennae, navigation systems, security technology, air conditioning, heaters, other technical equipment, etc.

6. Tents
Awnings, tents, small tents, shelters, etc.

7. Camping accessories
Crockery, cutlery, cookers, lamps, furniture, grills, sleeping bags, outdoor equipment, bicycles, etc.

New: public prize “caravaning design award: the public choice”
Participants that enter their latest product solutions into the categories “Caravans” and “Motorhomes and basic vehicles” now have the opportunity to face the public: In 2012, the public prize “caravaning design award: the public choice” will be awarded for the first time. The accolade is a special recognition, since the exhibitors directly experience the resonance of their target group and are able to communicate it on the fair.

Special award “caravaning design award: best interior design”
The special accolade “caravaning design award: best interior design” is awarded for an outstanding design solution in the area of interior design. All registered caravans and motorhomes will automatically be considered for this award. The special prize is awarded for the overall interior design of a vehicle or for a particular section.